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Camera Adventures – Lisbon

Some photos from a few days in Lisbon earlier this week.

Camera Adventures – San Francisco and New York

Some photos from my travels back State side last week, when I was in New York and San Francisco.

Camera Adventures: Berlin

Some photos from a weekend in Berlin

Camera Adventures: Vancouver and New York

Been kinda quiet on the gigs front the last few weeks as I was away, visiting family and friends in Vancouver and New York, generally having a great time and not wanting to leave (!). Some photos from my time exploring places below.

Bray Air Display 2016

Some photos from yesterday at the Bray Air Display with the RAF Red Arrows,The Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille Tranchant, Breitling Wingwalkers and loads more.

Fota Wildlife Park and Gardens

Some photos from a wee adventure to Fota yesterday. First time seeing the Rhinos, in the new expanded Asian Sanctuary, and nice to see some baby monkeys and joeys.

Dublin Port Rally 2015

Some photos from the Dublin Port Rally over the weekend, which coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of CIÉ.

Patrulla Águila at San Javier airbase by Kieran Frost

Patrulla Águila

Was on holidays the week before last, on the way to Cartagena, we passed and airport where 7 jets took off, which turned out to be the Patrulla Águila, the Spanish air forces aerobatic demonstration team.

Ring tailed lemur

Photos from Fota

Was down home for the weekend, and went to Fota earlier today. Great to see the Tiger Forest start to take shape (and 2 Sumatran Tigers in the park).

Near Mitchelstown, north Cork

Camera Adventures: Christmas 2014

Some photos taken in Cork over the last few days….

Liberty Hall

Camera Adventures : Liberty Hall

Some photos from the top of a windy Liberty Hall I took earlier. It’s kinda scary on a normal day, and a windy day like today twas terrifying up there!

Camera Adventures – Bray

Mum and Dad were visiting this weekend, so went for a spin out to Bray on Saturday (first time out there since I was very VERY small!).