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Toronto Island

Canadian Adventures

Some photos from my holiers this year, Toronto, Montréal and New York.

Pride 2014

Pride 2014

Some random photos from the Pride parade on Saturday.

Miss Kate & the Higher State by Kieran Frost

Photos: GoldenBeck – Portraits

Did something a bit different for this months GoldenBeck gig…. some portraits of the bands that played…


Camera Adventures : Fota

Down home for Easter weekend, went to Fota earlier (first time in years), and took some photos…

Halloween '13

Phantom 105.2 fm….in photos

Earlier this afternoon, I walked out of Marconi House for the last time, at midnight, the plug is finally going to be pulled on Phantom 105.2.

Design – GoldenPlec – Best of 2013

Been working on this over the last few weeks, putting together GoldenPlec’s best gigs, albums, EP’s and videos into magazine format, the final product, you can view on Issuu… Massive

Old Head of Kinsale

Camera Adventures – Christmas Day in Cork

Photos from an afternoon spin to Summer Cove and the Old Head earlier today….


Camera Adventures – Cork Festive edition

Some photos of Glow on the Grand Parade and Bishop Lucy Park (or the Peoples Park), as well as a few of a very quiet Patrick’s Street this evening….

The non Rock’n’Roll stuff…

Been thinking, I take a lot of photos of stuff that doesn’t really belong on the front page of my website (like some of my design work, as well as photos of things other than gigs), but at the same time, it doesn’t have a home online.

Royal Hospital Kilmainham

Camera Adventures – Royal Hospital Kilmainham

I live right across the road from this place, and I’ve only taken photos here when at Forbidden Fruit and a few gigs like Blur


Camera Adventures – Trip to Tipp

Some photos of Cashel taken during a visit to Debbie…

Irish National War Memorial Gardens

Camera Adventures : Irish National War Memorial Gardens

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens, a place I never knew existed till I discovered it randomly one day…