First 3, no flash

First Fortnight 2019

Some photos from a few of the music events at this years First Fortnight festival.

Therapy Session #1 at The Workman’s Club

Curated by The Academic, with True Tides, State Lights and Inhaler.

Cistin at St Patricks Mental Health Services

With performances from Thunder Clap Murphy, Laura Ryder Ampersand, The Sacreblues Band, Blaithín Carney, Catherine Brophy and Kerri Ward.

Therapy Session #2

First Fortnight’s second Therapy Session in the Workman’s Club, curated by Saint Sister, with performances from Saoirse Anton, David Tapley, Salena Godden, Rachael Lavelle, Kevin P Gilday and Pillow Queens

The Big Gig 2019

With Molly Sterling, Paddy Hanna, Brave Giant, and Mango & Mathman

Frightened Rabbit Tribute Evening

Amidships, Columbia Mills, Fields and Ham Sandwich perform Frightended Rabbit Songs as part of a tribute evening to Scott Hutchison.

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