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Electric Picnic 2018

Some photos from my favourite weekend of the year, Electric Picnic, at Stradbally this weekend.

Indiependence 2018

Was down home this weekend, working with the Indiependence crew. Some photos from the weekend below.

Walking on Cars at the 3Arena

Some photos from Walking on Cars largest headline show to date, at the 3Arena earlier this evening.

Electric Picnic 2016

Some photos from the last few days in Stradbally.

Indiependence 2016

Was back in Cork this weekend covering Indiependence for the festival. Great to see The Blizzards back together, catch up with the Ash lads, and see Editors again (among many others)!

Walking on Cars at The Olympia Theatre by Kieran Frost

Walking on Cars at The Olympia Theatre

Some photos of Dingle’s Walking on Cars at The Olympia last night.